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With strong production strength and excellent after-sales service, it has won the trust and praise of customers

Spiral plate heat exchanger

Spiral plate heat exchanger is a kind of high efficiency heat exchanger equipment, which is suitable for vapor vapor, vapor-liquid, liquid-liquid and liquid-liquid heat transfer. It is suitable for chemical, petroleum, solvent, medicine, food, light industry, textile, metallurgy, steel rolling, coking and other industries. According to the structure, it can be divided into non detachable (type I) spiral plate heat exchanger and detachable (type II, type III) spiral plate heat exchanger.

The spiral plate heat exchanger has been proved to be a kind of high efficiency heat exchange equipment through many years of practice. It is suitable for chemical, petroleum, solvent, medicine, food, light industry, textile, metallurgy, steel rolling, coking and other industries. The heat exchanger is a kind of liquid-liquid and vapor-water heat exchanger, which is designed and manufactured by unique optimization. The structure and process of the product are in accordance with the standard of Sweden "alffaraday" company. The end face of the spiral plate adopts the folded edge argon arc welding, and the special process of "top distance column" is the capacitor storage contactor, which improves the internal and external quality and is recognized by "Baosteel" and can replace the import.

The non detachable spiral plate heat exchanger is designed according to JB / tq724-89 non detachable spiral plate heat exchanger form, basic parameters and dimensions. It has the advantages of simple manufacture, low cost, small volume and good heat transfer performance, but it also has its shortcomings, such as not being able to carry out mechanical cleaning, not easy to repair when it is broken, etc. the selection should be based on the actual project Select specific equipment to make it effective.

Structure and performance
1. This equipment is suitable for: liquid-liquid, gas-gas, gas-liquid convection heat transfer, can be used for steam condensation and liquid evaporation heat transfer, chemical industry, petroleum, medicine, machinery, electric power, light industry and textile and other industrial sectors can choose.
2. The equipment is made of two steel plates, forming two uniform spiral channels, two kinds of heat transfer cut-off, can carry out full countercurrent flow, suitable for small temperature difference heat transfer, easy to recover low-temperature heat source, and can accurately control the outlet temperature.
3. The nozzle on the shell is a tangential structure, with small local resistance, uniform curvature of spiral channel, no large reversal of fluid flow in the equipment, and small total resistance. Therefore, the design flow rate can be increased to have higher heat transfer capacity.
4. The end face of spiral channel is welded and sealed, with good sealing performance and reliable structure.
5. It is not easy to repair, especially when the internal plate is in trouble. Some factories turn off all the welding seams at both ends of the equipment, flatten the plate again, repair welding and then roll it. This consumes too much labor, because it is very important to select spiral plate heat exchanger for anti-corrosion.
6. The production practice has proved that the spiral plate heat exchanger is not easy to be blocked compared with the general tubular heat exchanger, especially the suspended particle impurities such as sediment and small shells are not easy to deposit in the spiral channel. The reasons are analyzed as follows: first, it is the deposition of single channel impurities in the channel, once the turnover flow is formed, it will be washed away; second, the accident is caused by There is no dead angle in the spiral channel, and impurities are easy to be washed out.
7. Because there are spacing columns in the spiral channel to support the channel spacing, no fibrous impurities (cotton yarn, straw sticks, leaves, etc.) are allowed to enter the heat exchanger.
8. Strictly control the outlet temperature of cooling water below the scaling temperature.
9. The commonly used cleaning method is steam blowing or alkali washing. Steam blowing should be directed to the connecting pipe to blow impurities out of the equipment. Many users think this is an effective method.

Detachable spiral plate heat exchanger
The structure and principle of the heat exchanger are basically the same as that of the non detachable heat exchanger, but the channel can be disassembled for cleaning, and the two ends are sealed with heads. It is especially suitable for liquid-liquid exchange with viscous and precipitated liquid, gas-liquid and steam condensation. Because the detachable heat exchanger needs to add head, flange and other components, the equipment cost is slightly higher than that of the non detachable heat exchanger.

Basic parameters
The nominal pressure PN of spiral plate heat exchanger is 0.6, 1, 1.6, 2.5MPa (i.e. the original 6, 10, 16, 25kg / cm2) (refers to the large working pressure of single channel), and the test pressure is 1.25 times of the working pressure.
The material of the contact part between spiral plate heat exchanger and medium is Q235A and q235af carbon steel, SUS321 and SUS304 stainless steel acid steel. Other materials can be selected according to user's requirements.
Allowable working temperature: T = 0 ~ + 350 ℃ for carbon steel, t = - 40 ~ 500 ℃ for stainless steel acid steel, and the range of temperature rise and pressure drop shall be in accordance with relevant regulations of pressure vessel. When selecting this equipment, the fluid in the channel of the equipment should reach turbulent state through proper process calculation. (generally, the liquid flow rate is 1m / sec and the gas flow rate is 10m / sec).
Single equipment can not meet the use requirements, and can be combined with multiple equipment, but the combination must comply with the following requirements: < br / > Parallel combination, series combination: the distance between equipment and channel is the same. Hybrid combination: one channel in parallel, one channel in series.
Stainless acid resistant steel pn0.6, 1.6Mpa non detachable (type I) spiral plate heat exchanger.

Nominal heat exchange area m2
Channel spacing mm
Heat exchange area
Current Speed
Treatment capacity m3/h
Nominal diameter of nozzle
I 6B
I 16B
6 1.0 3.89 40 I 6,I 16B1-0.2/300-6 44 50
6 2.1 3.89 40 I 6,I 16B2-0.2/400-6 78 85
6 4.4 8.2 50 I 6,I 16B4-0.4/400-6 131 135
10 4.5 17.3 80 I 6,I 16B4-0.5/450-10 129 133
10 4.8 13.7 70 I 6,I 16B4-0.4/500-10 161 205
6 7.3 8.21 50 I 6,I 16B8-0.4/500-6 212 215
10 7.85 17.3 80 I 6,I 16B8-0.5/550-10 235 273
10 7.3 20.90 80 I 6,I 16B8-0.6/500-10 237 275
6 11.1 8.21 50 I 6,I 16B10-0.4/600-6 295 355
10 11.5 17.3 80 I 6,I 16B10-0.5/650-10 315 405
10 11.2 20.90 80 I 6,I 16B10-0.6/600-10 305 395
6 16.9 12.54 70 I 6,I 16B15-0.6/600-6 415 490
10 14.72 17.3 80 I 6,I 16B15-0.5/760-10 405 575
10 15.0 28.1 80 I 6,I 16B15-0.8/600-10 400 570
14 15.6 39.3 100 I 6,I 16B15-0.8/700-14 505 680
6 21.7 8.21 50 I 6,I 16B20-0.4/800-6 540 710
10 21.0 20.90 80 I 6,I 16B20-0.6/800-10 555 735
14 20.9 39.30 100 I 6,I 16B20-0.8/800-14 660 830
10 26.6 29.90 80 I 6,I 16B25-0.6/900-10 610 950
14 26.9 39.20 100 I 6,I 16B25-0.8/900-14 720 1060
10 28.2 28.10 100 I 6,I 16B30-0.8/800-14 750 1180
14 32.2 39.20 100 I 6,I 16B30-0.8/1000-14 980 1370
10 45.4 35.30 100 I 6,I 16B40-1.0/900-10 1130 1515
14 40.2 19.4 125 I 6,I 16B40-1.0/1000-14 1200 1630
10 53.9 35.3 100 I 6,I 16B50-1.0/1000-14 1360 1755
10 61.05 35.3 100 I 6,I 16B60-1.0/1100-10 1920 2112
14 60.08 49.40 125 I 6,I 16B60-1.0/1200-14 2000 2200
10 81.83 35.3 100 I 6,I 16B80-1.0/1200-10 2560 2816
14 80.9 49.40 125 I 6,I 16B80-1.0/1400-14 2667 1934
10 101.9 35.3 100 I 6,I 16B100-1.0/1300-10 3200 3520
14 100.06 49.40 125 I 6,I 16B100-1.0/1500-14 3333 3666
10 115.5 35.3 100 I 6,I 16B120-1.0/1500-10 3870 4257
14 119.0 49.40 125 I 6,I 16B120-1.0/1700-14 4020 4422
14 128.80 49.4 125 I 6,I 16B130-1.0/1750-14 4241 4665
18 129.09 63.5 150 I 6,I 16B130-1.0/1967-18 4462 4908
14 148.1 49.4 125 I 6,I 16B150-1.0/1890-14 4702 5172
18 148.2 63.5 150 I 6,I 16B150-1.0/2010-18 4962 5458

Nominal heat exchange area m2
Channel spacing mm
Calculation of heat exchange area m2
Current speed
Treatment capacity
Nominal diameter of nozzle
I 6T I 16T
6 6.5 8.2 50 I 6, I 16T6-0.4/500-6 230 280
10 5.8 13.7 70 I 6, I 16T6-0.4/600-10 285 350
6 8.7 8.2 50 I 6, I 16T8-0.4/600-6 370 430
10 7.7 17.3 80 I 6, I 16T8-0.5/660-10 395 454
10 8.7 13.7 70 I 6, I 16T8-0.4/700-10 405 465
6 9.9 12.5 70 I 6, I 16T10-0.6/500-6 335 395
10 9.2 17.30 80 I 6, I 16T10-0.5/660-10 472 543
10 8.8 20.9 80 I 6, I 16T10-0.6/600-10 410 495
6 12.5 8.2 50 I 6, I 16T15-0.4/700-6 510 580
10 14.64 17.30 80 I 6, I 16T15-0.5/800-10 679 781
10 13.3 20.9 80 I 6, I 16T15-0.6/700-10 575 680
14 13.8 29.2 100 I 6, I 16T15-0.6/800-14 640 755
6 19.0 12.5 70 I 6, I 16T20-0.6/700-6 730 845
10 18.3 28.1 80 I 6, I 16T20-0.8/800-10 735 870
14 18.5 39.3 100 I 6, I 16T20-0.8-800-14 810 960
10 23.1 28.1 100 I 6, I 16T25-0.8/800-10 935 1120
14 23.3 49.4 125 I 6, I 16T25-1.0/800-14 1000 1165
10 29.0 35.3 100 I 6, I 16T30-1.0/800-10 1190 1470
14 28.1 59.4 125 I 6, I 16T30-1.2/800-14 1170 1425
10 40.9 20.9 80 I 6, I 16T40-0.6/1200-10 1725 1885
14 42.3 39.3 100 I 6, I 16T40-0.8/1200-14 1845 2110
18 44.9 63.5 150 I 6, I 16T40-1.0/1200-18 2075 2405
10 46.2 35.5 100 I 6, I 16T50-1.0/1000-10 1800 2085
14 53.2 49.4 125 I 6, I 16T50-1.0/1200-14 2490 2595
18 54.0 76.3 150 I 6, I 16T50-1.2/1200-18 2435 2820
10 56.8 20.9 80 I 6, I 16T60-0.6/1400-10 2330 2635
14 60.7 39.3 100 I 6, I 16T60-0.8/1400-14 2595 2850
18 59.6 63.5 150 I 6, I 16T60-1.0/1400-18 2730 3150
10 76.4 28.1 100 I 6, I 16T80-0.8/1400-10 2970 4060
14 78.6 39.3 100 I 6, I 16T80-0.8/1600-14 3120 3605
18 82.0 63.5 150 I 6, I 16T80-1.0/1600-18 3580 4205
10 101.4 28.1 100 I 6, I 16T100-0.8/1600-10 3905 4330
14 98.8 49.4 125 I 6, I 16T100-1.0/1600-14 4040 4585
18 98.8 76.3 150 I 6, I 16T100-1.2/1600-18 4200 4930
10 115.5 42.5 125 I 6, I 16T120-1.2/1400-10 4350 4980
14 119.0 59.4 125 I 6, I 16T120-1.2/1600-14 4770 5440
14 149.15 59.4 125 I 6, I 16T150-1.2/1800-14 6431 7396
18 149.86 76.3 150 I 6, I 16T150-1.2/2000-18 6643 7639
20 147.6 83.81 150 I 6, I 16T150-1.2/2050-20 6769 7784
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